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9 Symptoms of Love


Sweaty Palms

Unfortunately, another effect of all of that adrenaline is profuse sweating, especially, it seems, on our palms. This side effect is a bit counterproductive, as it can be pretty embarrassing. 


Voice Change

Studies have shown that men tend to lower their voices when they talk to someone they love or are attracted to, while women may raise the tone of their voices.

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15 Surprising Facts About Adolf Hitler


Original Name

Adolf Hitler is known as the Nazi tyrant that brought the world to the brink of destruction. While numerous books have been written about the Nazi leader, many people still don’t know these facts about Hitler.

Hitler was not his family’s original name. His father Alois Schicklgruber changed the family name to Hitler in 1877. It is the one thing Adolf appreciated that his father did.


Not German

Hitler was not a natural German citizen. He was born in Austria but moved to Passau, Germany with his family when he was three. He renounced his Austrian citizenship on April 7, 1925, but did not become an actual German citizen until February 25th, 1932, when he was appointed an administrator for the state’s delegation.

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15 Life Hacks You Should Never Try


Bullet Immunity

First of all, I’m pretty sure this isn’t how bullets work. More importantly if you live in a place where you are in constant fear of being shot, perhaps you need to move!


Shopping Cart Grill

Something tells me that metal wasn’t made for this purpose. I’ll pass on the steak tonight, thanks!

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