Artist Breathes New Life Into Old Disney Scenes By Painting Over Them


Most people bristle at the prospect of seeing updates or remakes of their favorite childhood books, shows or movies. Digital artist and Illustrator Tyson Murphy, however, has recreated a few scenes from a couple of classic Disney movies that will, despite their new look, reignite your love for the classics.

To create the two remakes (from 101 Dalmations and The Sword In The Stone), Murphy simply captured still images from the two movies and digitally painted over them in Photoshop, applying his charmingly colorful style. The resulting illustrations are both true to the classics and true to Murphy’s creative vision. He’s only created two remakes so far, but has indicated that he may decide to do more.

101 Dalmatians


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ODAT Theme 2: Thank You, Matt Smith!this theme is dedicated to Matt Smith and his amazing job at the role of the doctor for the past three seasons. thank you for your dedication to the show, and for being so many people’s favorite doctor!preview | download
four customizable links
sidebar image is 100 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall
smooth scroll bar
works best in chrome
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[THEME #3] The Wonders I’ve Seen

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Topbar Image (170px width, 170px height)
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6 Custom Links


Free Tumblr Theme “Imagine How Is Touch The Sky”
Alright, it’s another theme! Honestly, I really, really, love this one, I might even use it as my theme!

Custom colors
Single Column
Description has a scroll if taller than 70px
4 custom links
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No infinite scrolling, sorry!


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Theme 4; Sweater Weather

Sidebar image
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6 custom links plus 3 default links (9 total links)
2 column theme; 400px posts
Infinite scroll
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THEME 19; kick ass
it’s time for a new theme whoo! i have to confess that i have like 5 themes other themes that i should finish and publish and i was planing on making a theme pack but i’m too lazy. so you’ll get this one. it’s a bit different and in my opinion loos cool but that’s just me. notice that there’s color selection for audioplayer color and audio text color. they cannot be the same color or you won’t ee your asks or audios okay. follow the rules and have fun!
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- 4 custom links with hovered titles and theme credit- 100px x 100px sidebar image- nice audioplayer for audioposts- custom colors, selection and scrollbar
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Picture Flex Theme with Pink Hearts Background
Theme Code | Preview
1-4 500px columns (adapts to screen size)
Customizable colors, fonts, and links
Optional infinite scrolling
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Hey guys :) Thats my second theme. I create it with the help of an base code (xxx) and i hope you´ll like’s just my second theme  so i haven´t much expirience with html yet. But i´ve done my best. 
3 custom links
3 sidebar images*
500 pixel width posts
*the sidebar images should be 200 pixel widht but it isn’t a big problem if they’re a bigger or smaler but it’s important that all the three pics have the SAME SIZE ! And they should be more widht than tall, get what i mean ? hope so ^^
→ Rules:
Do not remove the credit
Don´t steal the theme (you can use the base code)
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How Frozen Should Have Ended


This Alternate Ending to Frozen Makes WAAAY More Sense


We don’t wanna spoil it for you, but Frozen would have been way cooler with a little bit of Marvel cross-over …

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500px posts
description as continuation of title
tags, info and captions only on permalink pages
3 custom links

INSTAGRAM THEME (@hiimiriam)
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Theme 5; Let It Go

Sidebar image
Sidebar background image
Link background image
Background image
6 custom links 
3 column theme; 250px posts
Infinite scroll
if there are any glitches, please let me know!
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theme cinnamon~ one column, four links, simple and customizable.

please don’t copy as your own, but feel free to use as a base code.

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