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Classic Movie Mistakes You Can Never Unsee


Pulp Fiction

In Pulp Fiction, during the scene where Jules and Vincent are in the apartment, you can see that there are bullet holes in the wall behind them before any shots are even fired. Try not noticing that they next time you watch the movie!


Teen Wolf

At the end of the Michael J Fox movie Teen Wolf, there is a cheering crowd in the bleachers. You can clearly see a person stand up and their fly is all the way down! Then they suddenly try to cover themselves before they are off screen. Since you can only see them from the waist down, it was at first believed to be a guy doing it on purpose, but then it was discovered to be a girl, but who knows why her zipper was unzipped!

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Theme #8 
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I decided to release my current theme now, because I really like it and I hope so do you! 
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How Coupons Save You Money→


theme 27 ‘young blood’
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3 column posts, hover/ effect navigation, long description, and more.
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10 Facts About Pugs


Pugs Were Once Considered Royalty

Pugs are an ancient Asian breed that usually lived in Buddhist monasteries and were considered royalty! For this reason, manyfamous paintings portray Pugs.


Pugs Can Catch Colds Easily

Pugs should not be subjected to too hot or too cold weather, because they are prone to catching colds rather easily thanks to their flat faces.

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Theme #15 by mysansa
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